Barclays Fantasy League 2014/15 - Exclusive to Barclays employees

And so the final week of the 2014/15 Barclays Premier League season has arrived, with a few issues still to resolve at both the top and bottom of the league. For all Barclays Fantasy League managers those last few transfers could make all the difference in the May Manager of the Month award and the End of Season prize allocations so use them wisely. As a reminder, the Manager of the Month role of honour to date for this season is:

September – Nuno Pinheiro (Barclaycard)

October – William Yau (Investment Bank)

November – Antonio Solazzo (Barclaycard)

December – Liam Wilgar (Investment Bank)

January – Dave Green (PCB)

February – Athman Sharadi (Barclays Africa Group)

March – Jason Chester (PCB)

April – Adolfas Sliogeris (Group Centre O&T)

Please note that all End of Season prize winners, and the May Manager of the Month, will be notified week commencing June 1 once all scores have been fully ratified.

Good luck.